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Although he did not own it until 1939, Paul Troost's widow Gerdy was commissioned to remodel the apartment at staggering expense in 1935.
He told his private secretary Martin Borman that he had purposefully spared the English, and he told architect Frau Gerdy Troost, "The blood of every single Englishman is too valuable to be shed.
Tiene su origen en la espina iliaca anterosuperior de la pelvis y se inserta mediante la cintilla ileotibial al tuberculo de Gerdy de la tibia.
To do this, she highlights the efforts of those responsible, namely, his long-time interior designer, Gerdy Troost, and his official photographer, Heinrich Hoffman.
Similarly, John Gerdy argues that "college sports is packaged, marketed, and projected purely as entertainment, with the promotion of educational themes, values, and information an afterthought at best"; see John R.
Readers in both Europe and America were eager for behind-the-scenes stories, and the Nazi regime was eager to oblige with an interior designer called Gerdy Troost who provided the neatly designed interiors for the Fuhrer's various homes.
The fracture may extend to the lateral side; avulsion fractures of the fibular styloid, insertion of the cruciates and tubercle of Gerdy are common.
We continue to put great effort every day into Daybreak," KATV News Director Nick Gerdy said in a release.
56) Controversy concerning Faulkner's application was foreseen by Kristin B Gerdy, "The Irresistible Force Meets the Immoveable Object": When Antidiscrimination Standards and Religious Belief Collide in ABA-Accredited Law Schools" (2006) 85 Or L Rev 943 at 948-49.
San Sebastian's Ranzel Yong and Michael Calisaan, NU's Mark Dyke, and Letran's Gerdy Alacre round up the mythical five for the tournament.