Frank, U.S. cardiothoracic surgeon, 1907-1984. See: Gerbode defect.
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The patient underwent aortic root replacement with a 22 mm homograft and patch repair of the Gerbode defect with PeriGuard[R] (Synovis, St.
Este estudio fue aprobado por el Comite de Investigacion Humanas de UCSF y fue financiado por la Fundacion David and Lucille Packard, por la Fundacion Wallace Alexander Gerbode y otros donantes privados.
This study was funded by grants from the Society of Family Planning, Wallace A Gerbode Foundation, Dared and Lucille Packard Foundation, Mary Wohlford Foundation, and an anonymous donor.
This article was made possible by a grant from the Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation.
The paper's co-authors are former postdoctoral associate Rajesh Ganapathy, now a faculty member at the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research in Bangalore, India, and Sharon Gerbode and Mark Buckley, both graduate students.
Of the three musicals in which he's currently involved, one project, three years in the making--a 15-woman a cappella show, This World in a Woman's Hands--has recently moved forward with funding from the Wallace Alexander Gerbode and William and Flora Hewlett Foundations' Emerging Playwright Award, the James Irvine Foundation and the NEA's Access to Artistic Excellence program.
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The research on which this article was based was funded in part by a grant from The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation.
He dirigido el proyecto por seis anos, pero el primero se hizo un ano antes de estar a yo cargo", dijo Linda Gerbode, maestra de ciencias de Longfellow.
El defecto de Gerbode es la variacion de un defecto septal ventricular membranoso, que deriva parte del flujo ventricular izquierdo dentro de la auricula derecha.