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Fitzgerald trait - defect resulting in prolongation of clotting tests but seldom causing hemostatic symptoms. Synonym(s): Flaujeac and Williams trait; kallikrein deficiency
Fitzgerald-Gardner syndrome - genetic trait resulting in multiple tumors, osteomas of the skull, epidermoid cysts, fibromas, and multiple polyposis predisposing to carcinoma of the colon.
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A solicitor's contract has been drawn up with Geraldines AFC to guarantee that the deal is carried through if Noel wins his council seat.
The father-of-two believes that donating his five-year salary would be a quick way of paying off the cost of his beloved Geraldines' new EUR150,000 clubhouse.
Noel, who has worked as a Moulder for nearly 20 years, loves soccer and is Assistant Manager to Geraldines under-12's and under-18's teams.