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Walter, German bacteriologist, 1889-1920. See: Sachs-Georgi test.
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They have a few names of saints, the same with those in the Roman martyrology, but they often insert others, as Zama la Cota, the Life of Truth; Ongulari, the Evangelist; Asca Georgi, the Mouth of Saint George.
Georgi Darlington had been out with her older sister Katie on Saturday in Manchester city centre when she came across Jamie Smith outside the Arndale Food Court.
Cadet Warrant Officer Georgi McMinn of 161 - 1st Highland Squadron in Inverness, will begin 10 weeks of gruelling basic training at RAF Halton next week before setting her sights on becoming a medic for the RAF's Medical Emergency Response Team.
The 40th anniversary of the flight of the first Bulgarian cosmonaut, Georgi Ivanov, is the occasion that will gather in Sofia the first cosmonauts from five European countries.
She reached out on Facebook to Jason Mroz, the sales manager, telling him about how Judy Georgi of St.
Georgi Gospodinov and Angela Rodel (translator); THE PHYSICS OF SORROW; Open Letter (Fiction: Translations) 14.95 ISBN: 9781940953090
In this work from the CDE Series on Anglophone dramatic literature and theater, Georgi draws on theories of intermediality to explore how performances that incorporate film or video self-reflexively stage and challenge their own liveness by contrasting or approximating live and recorded action.
Georgi Ivanovitch Gurdjieff: The Man, The Teaching, His Mission
Julia Georgi, and architect Heleni Antonara, as well as the other members of the workgroup, with commemorative gifts.
student Nicole Georgi, who did her research at the University of Twente's MIRA Institute for Biomechanical Technology and Technical Medicine.
"It is a football game, so the stadium should be a football," says Mesiha Georgi, a structural engineer at Halcrow.