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W.T., 20th-century U.S. scientist. See: Heyer-Pudenz valve.
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Some of the most popular, and lasting, historical Re-gency romance novels are by authors who follow in Austen's footsteps--notably Georgette Heyer, whose Regency Buck (1935) launched the Regency romance subgenre.
The publisher also announced that two additional titles are to be added to the programme: Georgette Heyer's Regency World by Jennifer Kloester and The Private World of Georgette Heyer by Jane Aiken Hodge.
Georgette Heyer (16 August 1902-4 July 1974) was a prolific British historical romance and detective fiction novelist.
Readers of Georgette Heyer, Amanda Quick and other history-oriented Regency writers can anticipate a focus on historical setting that successfully builds a believable setting, while those anticipating the sensual focus of more recent Regency authors won't be disappointed by the steamy passages between the charming earl Alec Carstairs and the beguiling commoner Annabelle.
A visit to Bath recreated the Regency period so well described by Georgette Heyer that it left me speechless.
This month, Random House India will bring out a new series titled Kama Kahani, Indian historical romances catering to the fantasies of fans of purdah jharoka romance -- readers who would like to replace the regency romances of Georgette Heyer and Judith McNaught with stories of cruelly handsome zamindars and smouldering princes.
Many well-known authors were even given their big break by Mills & Boon in their early years, including Jack London, Georgette Heyer and P.
Although she didn't win, Penny found an agent who was looking for a new Georgette Heyer to be called Caroline Courtnay
It's a romantic Regency drama in the mould of Georgette Heyer, with more than a nod to Jane Austen.
I went to Bootle Maternity Annexe, prepared for a long wait, with a Georgette Heyer historical romance.
Publisher Georgette Heyer has announced that sales of it backlist have risen since it re-packaged and relaunched them in January 2004.
'When I was young the first romance novels I read were Georgette Heyer. I stumbled across Mills and Boon in a second hand bookshop in the late 70s and read them avidly.

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