Stokes, Sir George Gabriel

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Sir George Gabriel, English physicist and mathematician, 1819-1903.
stoke - unit of kinematic viscosity.
Stokes law - relationship of the rate of fall of a small sphere in a viscous fluid.
Stokes lens - used to diagnose astigmatism.
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Of the latter essays, David Wilson's discussion of George Gabriel Stokes and Joshua King as "arbiters of Victorian science," and Andrew Warwick's analysis of Joseph Larmor's commitment to the electromagnetic aether, which for Larmor provided the conditions of existence and meaning for a physical and moral world, deserve particular mention.
This glow was given the name of fluorescence in 1852 by the British physicist George Gabriel Stokes (1819-1903) (a term now applied to any visible light that arises from the energetic collision of radiation with matter).