Bekesy, Georg von

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Georg von, Hungarian biophysicist in U.S. and Nobel laureate, 1899-1972.
Békésy audiometer - an automatic audiometer.
Békésy audiometry - automatic audiometry.
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In the third category of people that have made important contributions to psychology and do not possess an undergraduate or doctorate degree in psychology, we have: Ivan P Pavlov (Nobel in Physiology or Medicine 1904), Santiago Ramon y Cajal (Nobel in Physiology or Medicine, 1906), Bertrand Russell (Literature, 1950), Konrad Lorenz (Physiology or Medicine, 1973), Herbert Simon (Economic Sciences, 1978), and Georg von Bekesy (Physiology or Medicine, 1961), among others.
This principle of function of mammalian cochlea was firstly described by Georg von Bekesy and it was also verified by experimental measurements (Bekesy, 1960).
Georg von Bekesy of Harvard University for his studies of the inner ear.