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Georg, German serologist, 1875–.
Porges-Meier test - see under Porges
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However, respectable performances are expected from Germany international Georg Meier, as well as the country's highest ranked player Arkadij Naiditsch.
American Hikaru Nakamura, who is the top seed, is in second with 8.5 points together with German GM Georg Meier. Nakamura beat seven GMs during the day but lost to Le.
That put him on course for an eighth Mountain Course victory and, significantly, the first in a Superbike race for the BMW marque since Georg Meier's victory in the 1939 Senior TT.
Max Georg Meier, named three major problems of public administration in Kyrgyzstan during a press conference in AKIpress on November 2.
Trophies, medals, photo albums - they are all there, with pride of place going to the 1939 Senior TT trophy, where West came second to the equally legendary (and equally long-lived) Georg Meier for a BMW double victory.