Geological Disaster

A natural disaster due to geological disturbances, often caused by shifts in tectonic plates and seismic activity
Examples Earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, avalanches
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Igan Sutawijaya, a volcano and geological disaster expert, said the Sunda Strait is a disaster-prone area but the waves may not be directly linked to an eruption.
In fact, based on observations from the Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation (PVMBG), there was a major eruption.
"We cannot predict whether it will be bigger than 1963, but … according to our evaluation the potential for a full-scale eruption is still high," Devy Kamil Syahbana, an official at Indonesia's centre for volcanology and geological disaster mitigation centre, told Reuters.
All research, development and design procedures have been completed, and work will proceed on the feasibility study, soil and water conservation research, environmental impact assessment, construction land geological disaster risk assessment and seismic safety assessment following the issuing of the relevant permits by the end of next month.
Now palaeontologist Dr Tori Herridge wants to know exactly how the geological disaster occurred, and this documentary charts her journey back time.
Nugroho said data from the volcanology and geological disaster agency
Therefore, buried depth can be increased to avoid the premature failure when crossing the geological disaster area.
Yet, they often do not meet the needs of professional fields, such as geological disaster mapping.
China had managed nearly 600 landslides through the geological disaster prevention in the second and third construction stage to guarantee the normal operation of the Three Gorges Reservoir, as well as the security of the lives and properties of people living in the reservoir area.
To mitigate geological disaster, we should depend on both real-time in situ data and quick response to the possibility of geological disaster.
''The three volcanologists will install infrasonic microphones in three different locations to detect the volcano's activity even under the worst weather conditions,'' Surono, the chief of the Geological Agency at Indonesia's Volcanic and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center, said Friday.

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