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, pl.


(dā'tŭm, dā'tă),
A piece of information acquired by observation, measurement, or experiment and used as a basis for calculation or inference. See: data.
[L., given, fr. do, pp. datum, to give]
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, pl. data (dā'tŭm, -tă)
An individual piece of information used in a scholarly field.
[L., given, fr. do, pp. datum, to give]
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1. A single piece or item of information, e.g., a statistic, date, or fact.
2. Something admitted, given, or assumed, esp. as a basis for reasoning.
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Q. where is the greatest data base of Fibromyalgia over the net? do someone know the address ? will i find all my answers there ? is it like here where you can chat with other patient ?

A. i looked for information about Fibromyalgia all around the web and the best site gathering reliable information on it is:

gives you every web page about it and with a quality stamp :)

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