Gentleman Scientist

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A post-Renaissance term for a financially-independent person who can study scientific phenomena as a hobby
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The limelight effect was originally discovered in the 1820s by Sir Goldsworthy Gurney, a prototypical British gentleman scientist and inventor of the Victorian era.
Charles Darwin often expressed gratitude for being able to be a gentleman scientist with no need for an institutional affiliation.
but that was a mark of the character of the gentleman scientist with whom I would have countless interactions over the years to come.
This shift to psychoanalysis also causes Sokol to overlook a possibility that is, in this reviewer's opinion, every bit as tantalizing as the one about a gentleman scientist at Jamestown.
209) Elio Modigliani (1860-1932); the Philadelphia millionaire gentleman scientist William Louis Abbott (1860-1936), the Smithsonian Institution's major early donor of collections; the German ethnologist and dogged traveller Wilhelm Muller-Wismar (1881-1916); and the Frankfurt academic Ernst Vatter, who with his wife Hanna collected widely in Flores, the Solor Islands, Pantar and Alor in the late 1920s.
The history of the RASC reflects the transition of astronomy from the world of the gentleman scientist to today's "naturalist of the night.
Joseph Banks, gentleman scientist, taking part in Captain James Cook's epic voyage aboard The Endeavour, was spellbound by sight of natives riding their canoes in the surf.
It was also that gentleman scientist who championed sharing technological knowledge.
Set in mid-Victorian Lyme Regis, the story revolves around how gentleman scientist Charles Smithson rejects 19th century morality to break off his engagement to Ernestina Freeman for the fallen French lieutenant's woman Sarah Woodruff.
With his trademark monocle (which isn't just for effect--having perfect sight in the other eye, he saw no sense in wearing spectacles with one plain lens, and he has worn it since the age of 16), Moore symbolizes the archetypal and slightly eccentric English gentleman scientist both at home and abroad.