genotype frequency

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genotype frequency

the proportion of a particular genotype amongst all the individuals in a population. Thus, if a population sample contained 5 albinos and 95 normally-pigmented individuals, the genotype frequency of albinos (a/a) would be 0.05 or 5%. Note, however, that it is not possible to be certain of the frequency of A/a and A/A genotypes among the normal individuals, since both genotypes have the same PHENOTYPE due to dominance, although their frequencies can be predicted using the HARDY-WEINBERG LAW.


1. the entire genetic constitution of an individual; also, the alleles present at one or more specific loci.
2. the type species of a genus.

genotype frequency
the proportion of the population which have the same genetic constitution.
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The genotype frequencies among the endometriosis group of arg/arg (homozygous), arg/pro (heterozygous) and pro/pro (homozygous) were 22(25%), 35(39.
In Stage I, the genotype frequencies for rs2723186, rs4241122, and rs4392270 were significantly different between patients with RA and healthy controls ( ?
Allele frequencies and genotype frequencies were obtained by the direct counting method.
Genotype frequencies of ESR2 gene polymorphisms in URSA and control groups Polymorphism URSA, no (%) Control, no (%) p-value [dagger] +1082G/A(rs1256049) n=237 n=102 GG 218(92%) 99(97.
Estimation of the genotype frequency distribution showed that the CK-MM AG genotype frequencies in Iranian population (professional, amateur karate athletes and control subjects) were significantly higher than AA and GG genotypes, significantly; while the frequency of AA genotype was more than GG genotype, too.
In the hypertensive and non-hypertensive groups, the genotype frequencies of the C-58T polymorphism of the BK B2R gene are listed in Table 1.
A comparison of the genotype frequencies of rs11209032 and rs1004819 polymorphisms in HLA-B27 positive and negative AS patients revealed no significant difference (p>0.
Throughout the study, there are 63 hypothesis testing for the differences in genotype frequencies between patients and controls.
The observed genotype frequencies in patients and controls compared with expected frequencies under Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium were evaluated by [chi square] test.
Genotype frequencies in the study population were checked for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE) scopes by comparing the observed and expected frequencies by using HWE calculator.
Genotype frequencies (%) and allelic frequencies (%) of the chemerin gene determined by gene sequencing SNPs Genotype frequencies Allele frequencies c.
No significant difference was found among the months in terms of the genotype frequencies (p > 0.