Francesco, Italian anatomist, 1750-1795. See: Gennari band, Gennari stria, line of Gennari, stripe of Gennari.
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Gennari points to the important part Davis played in establishing "a critical framework for jazz that drew upon a broader leftist cultural politics emphasizing American folk expression and political resistance" (22).
"Advertisers are realizing that the population they reach through cable is composed of active consumers, while people who can't afford cable also can't afford what they are selling--be it cellular phones, banks or whatever," says Horacio Gennari, general director of the Business Bureau, which conducts market research on the cable industry in Argentina.
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The final version was vastly improved over earlier drafts thanks to the many helpful comments and suggestions offered by the following people: Nan Elizabeth Woodruff, Thavolia Glymph, Daniel Letwin, Gary Cross, Clyde Woods, Charles Payne, Adam Green, Pete Daniel, Reginald Butler, Scott French, John Gennari, Natasha Gray, Phillip Troutman, Andrew Lewis, Vania Penha-Lopes, Eve Agee, Daphne de Jong, and the anonymous readers who assessed the article before publication.
According to Tony Gennari, CAE engineer at GE Plastics' Automotive Group in Southfield, Mich., "It's imperative that we use blow molding process simulation.
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Ronny Nilsson tackles the problem of applying the OECD indicator system to central and eastern European countries, after a concise presentation of the OECD system, and two essays by Enrico Giovannini and Pietro Gennari respectively deal with short-run forecasting particularly for the Italian economy.