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In the perianal region, the genital tubercle and opening of the anal edge were seen (Figs.
Georgas et al., "Comparative gene expression analysis of genital tubercle development reveals a putative appendicular Wnt7 network for the epidermal differentiation," Developmental Biology, vol.
The formation of the external genitalia in our study could be noted from 20 days with the lateral genital elevations and the genital tubercle presence, although at this stage it is not possible to differentiate the external genitalia of the embryo.
The urogenital sulcus is incorporated into the genital tubercle, developing in a penile structure, similar to males, differently than that described for females of domestic mammals (Sinowatz, 2010) as cats (Inomata et al., 2009).
Finally, the genital tubercle enlarges and develops a furrow along its median (center) axis; that is, the urogenital slit (not shown).
The genital tubercle of males has elongated and moved cranially toward the umbilical cord to form the penis and the ventral opening to the urogenital sinus has closed to form the penile urethra.
"My gosh," they think, "you must feel something in your genital tubercle that intensely resembles what I'm feeling in my genital tubercle." Well, they don't exactly think that in so many words; they're actually quite heavy into their feelings at that point; but they do feel very connected -- throughout all their wondrous variety.
* Score 1 (mild dysgenesis of the external genitals): A small cavity on the inferior side of the genital tubercle or a minor cleft in the preputial opening was observed (estimated value of 0.5-1.4 on an arbitrary scale).
Perineal growth and caudal migration of the genital tubercle in male rodents are androgen (dihydrotestosterone)-dependent processes (Bowman et al.
During this indifferent stage up to the eighth week, the cloacal membrane, under the genital tubercle, is divided into the anal and anterior halves, the latter of which is composed of the urogenital membrane.