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Herbal medicine
A branched shrub which contains alkaloids (e.g., genisteine, sarothamine and sparteine), amino acids, tannin and volatile oil; it is a cardiac depressant, diuretic and laxative.
Broom causes vasoconstriction and should be avoided in pregnancy and in hypertension; it is listed by the FDA as “unsafe”.
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Resultados similares fueron reportados por Taboada (2013) para Genista florida, en la que observo un crecimiento equivalente de la biomasa de la raiz y la biomasa aerea de las plantulas durante los primeros tres meses.
cercas vivas, 35 fijacion de Fabaceae Acacia purpura Acacia N, control de Bolle morada erosion, cortina 36 rompevientos Juglandaceae Juglans Nogal o neotropica arbol de Diels nuez 37 Betulaceae Alnus acuminata Aliso Kunth (de Sudamerica) Alnus jorullensis Kunth (de Centroamerica) 38 Fabaceae Genista Retamo onspessulana liso (L.) L.A.S.
Fragaria viridis 9.2 1.2 6.3 221.0 2.1 (Duch.) Weston Genista tinctoria 4.9 0.6 2.4 118.0 0.8 (L.) Maxim.
For groundcovers, these include Point Reyes ceanothus, also known as Ceanothus gloriosus; and carpet broom, also known as Genista pilosa.
56 ha of inland dune with Corynephorus and Agrostis grasslands in mosaic with dry heaths with Calluna and Genista;
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Temperatures greater than 125 C reduced seed germination of Genista monspessulana (Terraga et al., 1992), an invader of fire maintained chaparral systems in California, and prescribed burns may contribute to reducing the G.
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Busk and Falconer returning from Gibraltar after having examined the fossil remains of Genista Cave, Windmill Hill (Falconer 1868: 554).
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Flowering periods of most brooms is three to to four weeks, but the closely related genista genus has a much longer season.