ge·ni·o·hy·oid (mus·cle)

one of the suprahyoid muscles of the neck; origin, mental spine of mandible; insertion, body of hyoid bone; action, draws hyoid forward, or depresses jaw when hyoid is fixed; nerve supply, fibers from ventral primary rami of first and second cervical spinal nerves conveyed by the hypoglossal nerve.
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From stage 42 onward, the paired hyoglossus muscles are present medially to the paired geniohyoideus (Fig.
The interhyoideus and geniohyoideus are similar to earlier stages.
The geniohyoideus medialis is differentiated from the geniohyoideus lateralis, the two muscles are joined by a slender, short, and triangular aponeurosis anteriorly and a raphe medially and posteriorly.