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A group of genetically identical individuals descended from one progenitor, as a group of trees that have all sprouted from the roots of a single parent; a clone.


1. a small, 16 to 20 inch long without the tail, arboreal and terrestrial, nocturnal, carnivorous animal. It has a long tail and a spotted and striped coat. It is the Genetta spp. of the family Viverridae.
2. see jenny.

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Q. Are there genetic factors involving allergies? My entire family suffers from different allergies. It is clear that there is a connection, is that true?

A. The risk of allergic sensitization and the development of allergies varies with age, with young children most at risk. It is known that there is a strong genetic relation and allergies are usually common among family members. Ethnicity may play a role in some allergies, however racial factors have been difficult to separate from environmental influences and changes due to migration.

Q. Is celiac genetic? I have one son with celiac disease from my first marriage and me second wife is now pregnant,I was wondering what are the chances for this soon to be born daughter of mine to have celiac as well- if I maybe carry the genetic flaw and is there a way to find out?

A. Celiac disease is a very common illness (about 1 in a 100 people suffer from it in different levels), and it is known to have a strong genetic connection. However, there is not one specific mutation that you can get genetic testing to see if you are carrying it. Your soon to be born daughter will have a higher chance than the regular population to suffer from the disease, but it does not necessarily mean she will.

Q. is Bipolar genetic?

A. Bipolar disorder has a very strong genetic background: The approximate lifetime risk of this disease in relatives of a bipolar patient is 40 to 70 percent for a monozygotic (identical) twin and 5 to 10 percent for a first degree relative, compared with 0.5 to 1.5 percent for an unrelated person.

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Qu'il s'agisse de la reminiscence ou de l'imagination, la vision proustienne est marquee par un palimpseste du temps et de l'espace, lui donnant << des vues discordantes sans cesse contrariees et sans cesse rapprochees par un mouvement de dissociation douloureuse et de synthese impossible (13) >>, ainsi nous l'affirme Genette.
Sin embargo, Genette no especifica si la misma normatividad debe aplicarse a otras practicas hipertextuales o intertextuales.
Notese la complejidad de una simple nota en su interaccion con el texto al que pertenece y con otros textos si se aplica el mismo quinteto de relaciones transtextuales que propone Genette para todo texto (Palimpsests 1-10): la metatextualidad del cuento en general de la cual la nota es participe, la architextualidad que la nota le confiere al texto en sus pretensiones de critica literaria, la mencion intertextual de la Introduction a la vie devote de San Francisco de Sales, la hipertextualidad que convierte la traduccion de Quevedo en hipotexto de la obra de Menard y la paratextualidad que le otorga su condicion de nota a pie de pagina, una nota que conjuga todas las posibilidades transtextuales.
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He called for the inquiry into the disappearance of Genette Tate to be reopened.
It is here that Jurgensen's book begins to disappoint, less because the scholarship might be wanting, which, generally speaking, it is not--by and large the book is well written and well researched--than because the tools themselves, the analytical vocabulary provided by Genette, seem to promise more than they can deliver, especially when applied to multiple works of one and the same author.
SUSPECT: Robert Black, far left; and missing Genette Tate, left
Police believe his taped interviews with Black could yet prove crucial as they seek to solve the 1978 murder of 13-year-old Genette Tate.
15) In a chapter of his poststructuralist work of the late 1980s, Paratexts: Thresholds of Interpretation, Gerard Genette provides the defining study of the literary title.
Genette Tate was 13 when she disappeared from a country lane near her home in east Devon in 1978.