Genetic Monogamy

A relationship between two persons who are sexually exclusive and only have offspring with each other
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An effective sperm competition avoidance strategy in crabs drives genetic monogamy despite evidence of polyandry.
Application of molecular approach in paternity studies revealed that genetic monogamy is relatively rare in birds.
Mating systems is extraordinarily variable among bird species, ranging from absolute genetic monogamy to polygamy or promiscuity.
2007: Mcrosatellite analysis reveals genetic monogamy among female boreal owls.
Recent molecular work with a classic example of polyandry, the Tasmanian Native Hen, Tribonyx mortieri, suggests that the species is characterized by genetic monogamy, though polyandry did occur in one of six groups (Gibbs et al.
Genetic monogamy in single-male groups of acorn woodpeckers, Melanerpes formicivorous.
Because these EPFs would likely alter the (standardized) variance in reproductive success (RS) among males, [], the assumption of genetic monogamy could routinely lead to erroneous estimation of [N.sub.e].