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The sense of connection between generations, which is lost or weakened by the death of a child
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The issue with Facebook regarding relational generativity is the asymmetry of control over relations (Fuchs, 2014).
For Question 3, 8% of participants were graded at the awareness level for their ability to suggest some core ethical issues in relation to leadership and moral capacity, moral courage, and resiliency; 58% at the exploration level for discussing, in some detail, core ethical issues in relation to leadership and moral capacity, moral courage, and resiliency; and 33% at generativity for their ability to analyze, with depth and clarity, core ethical issues in relation to leadership and moral capacity, moral courage, or resiliency.
The material object thereby highlights the discorrelation of images when subjected to post-cinematic processing, but it also unmistakably foregrounds a concomitant generativity or creative agency that seemingly ineluctably produces something new and inserts it into the environment for life.
Achievement-aspiration gap (AAG), generativity (Gen) and impediments (physiological) were the retained factors/dimensions.
As a response to the present needs of mathematics pupils for higher mathematics performance the researcher finds interest in making a study of Bridging the Knowing-Doing gap through the Zone Generativity to determine if it will affect pupils' mathematics achievement.
This specific course was designed with special attention to the use of narrative as a tool to engage teacher education candidates in the process of critical self-reflection and meaning making in an attempt to increase teacher generativity (Ball, 2009).
de, <<A theory of generativity and an assesment through self-report, behavioral acts, and narrative themes in autobiography>>, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 62 (1992) 1003-1015; McAdams, D.
Building on Roger Luckhurst's commentary on "trauma culture" (2003 and 2008) and Margaret Homans's "Adoption Narratives, Trauma, and Origins" (2006), van der Wiel sees Winterson's account of finding her biological mother as an index of renewed generativity: "Despite its historical and cultural contextualization as a trauma memoir, Why Be Happy ...
The central theme of the 20 people who spoke in favor of the ordinance, including more than a few children, might be characterized as a politics of generativity - that is, the care one generation gives to the next.
RS: To me, the signature of human social cognition is the same thing that makes good old-fashioned AI hard, which is its generativity. We can recognize and think about and reason through a literally infinite set of situations and goals and human minds.
Children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) demonstrate particular deficiencies with respect to language generativity (Greer and Ross 2008; Lord and McGee 2001).