generation effect

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gen·er·a·tion ef·fect

variation in health status arising from the different causal factors of disease to which each successive generation born is exposed as it passes through life.
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Chief Inspector and officer-in-charge of Tsholotsho Police Station, Muyambirwa Muzzah told the Chronicle that the cyanide poisoning of animals triggers the fourth generation effect, "What they were doing is very cruel because it does not end with the death of the elephants," he said.
They believe that the employment generation effect of the ecozone will also serve to preserve the forests, which are now being exploited because of lack of livelihood opportunities in the lowland.
Glacier[R] Frost White new generation effect pigment based on synthetic mica, offering the whitest white pearl.
As is usually the case when considering age, one is faced with considerations of a cohort versus generation effect.
The generation effect has been associated with improved memory performance in some brain-damaged individuals as well [35].
We derive a proper condition, under which the positive effect via revenue generation effect dominates the negative effect via comparative advantage.
Hutchens (2004b) stated that partial notes are effective because they allow for class lectures to flow smoothly, increase students' expectations about the course material being covered, provide students with an organized framework of notes to build on and modify, and capitalize on a powerful memory phenomenon called the generation effect (i.
But there is also a very significant derived economic generation effect through a wider range of communities involving those groups that contribute to trade.
Head of the KfW Office in Ramallah, Marc Engelhardt, added, "This project is another example of how short-term employment generation effects can be combined with a social infrastructure that provides long-term impact on the improvement of people's living conditions.
It is very unusual to see such second generation effects," wrote the director of EPAs Chemical Control Division.