General Medical Council

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General Medical Council. The UK regulatory body whose remit is to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public by ensuring proper standards in the practice of medicine. The GMC is legally empowered to carry out four main functions under the Medical Act 1983:
• Keeping up-to-date registers of qualified doctors;
• Fostering good medical practice;
• Promoting high standards of medical education and training;
• Dealing firmly and fairly with doctors whose fitness to practise is in doubt.

In 2010, the GMC absorbed the role of the Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board (PMETB) and is now also responsible for regulating all stages of medical education in the UK, as well as maintaining intimate contact with the Royal Colleges regarding the good standing of consultants (specialists) in the UK.

General Medical Council

The governing and registering body of doctors in the United Kingdom. For many years the qualification for full medical practice in the UK was inclusion in the Medical Register. But in 2004 a new system was introduced. Under this, the Register was strengthened by a specific licence to practice supported by periodic REVALIDATION. This change was made to ensure that doctors remained up-to-date in their knowledge, and fit, throughout their careers, to provide adequate, safe and effective medical care for their patients. Registered and validated doctors are expected to make the care of their patients their first concern. They must respect patients' views, dignity and privacy; provide information in a form patients can understand; respect the rights of patients to be involved in decisions about themselves; recognize the limits of their professional competence; behave honestly and be trustworthy; avoid allowing personal beliefs to prejudice patient care; cooperate with colleagues; and act quickly to protect patients if they have good reason to believe that they, or another doctor may not be fit to practice.
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The General Medical Council said it cannot stop patients from visiting the struck-off medic.
No-one was available for comment from the General Medical Council.
Life calls upon the General Medical Council to ban this man from ever practising again.
The General Medical Council ruled that his medical registration should be subject to three conditions for a period of 12 months as a result of the ruling.
David Morris-Johnson, from the General Medical Council, said that the only comment he could make about the case was that the doctor had not appeared before a Professional Conduct Committee (PPC).
The General Medical Council investigates individuals, not organisations.
Now Owen's mother, Michelle Hynes, has won a two-year battle to get the General Medical Council to hear the case.
The General Medical Council said its preliminary proceedings committee considered allegations against Professor Meadow yesterday.
He was found not guilty by the Professional Conduct Committee at the General Medical Council of allegations including carrying out eye examinations on patients when they were naked, rubbing his crotch against them, stroking one patient's thigh and telling a male prostitute he was good looking enough to continue his work.
The General Medical Council disciplinary committee has already found him guilty of a catalogue of blunders at Blackpool's Victoria Hospital.
A CONSULTANT at the centre of a breast screening blunder four years ago will finally appear before Britain's General Medical Council tomorrow, accused of serious professional misconduct.
If the new rules proposed by the General Medical Council come into effect let us hope that every medic has to wait at least two months for an appointment, be made to sit for a minimum of 85 minutes in the waiting room and is then given a seven minute interview during which they are treated with total contempt.

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