gene deletion

gene de·le·tion

deletion of a segment of a chromosome too small to be detected cytogenetically, inferred from the phenotype at one particular locus.
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The trial will enroll a minimum of 15 patients with SMA Type 1 who are less than six months of age at the time of gene therapy, and who have one or two copies of the SMN2 backup gene as determined by genetic testing and bi-allelic SMN1 gene deletion or point mutations.
Then, [alpha]-globin gene deletion cases were examined for [alpha]-globin triplication.
Short stature in this case may be associated with the presence of 45,X cell line and/or SHOX gene deletion.
This study was performed to determine the prevalence of a-thalassemia gene deletion in b-thalassemia patients.
The Cas9 enzyme - it is the component that does the actual gene deletion in the method - has been previously altered to begin making a cut in the DNA strand only when exposed to certain wavelengths of light.
Unlike adenovirus, a single gene deletion in HSV-1 does not render the virus innocuous to non-dividing cells64,65.
NR0B1 (DAX1) deletion may occur in isolation or as part of a contiguous gene deletion syndrome at Xp21 including the dystrophin gene (DMD) and the glycerol kinase gene (GK).
Rodrigues NR, Owen N, Talbot K et al: gene deletion in spinal muscular atrophy J Med Genetics 1996; 33:93-96.
DNA was also extracted at the same time for the dystrophin gene deletion study using M-PCR (26 exons incorporate; Chamber, Beggs and Kunkel set, available at: http://www.
Angiotensin-converting enzyme gene deletion polymorphism determines an increase in frequency of migraine attacks in patients suffering from migraine without aura.
p16INK4A (CDKN2A) gene deletion is a frequent genetic event in synovial sarcomas.
Results of the test revealed that the mother is a carrier of alpha globin gene deletion (-a3.