Gender Verification

Sex chromosome testing in the Olympic Games, to prevent genetic males from masquerading as females in womens’ events
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Transgender rights: SC tells NADRA to amend gender verification process
Although she qualified for the 1966 Asian Games, she reportedly opted out of the national track team because she could not take the insult of undergoing gender verification tests.
Santhi Soundarajan was stripped of her 800m silver medal from the 2006 Asian Games after being forced to undergo invasive and humiliating gender verification tests -- a devastating turn of events that drove her to attempt suicide.
Mary Peters, pentathlon gold medallist in Munich 1972, described her gender verification test as "the most crude and degrading experience I have ever known", adding: "The doctors proceeded to undertake an examination, which, in modern parlance, was a grope.
Sandra Kirby chronicles the evolution of gender verification in her compelling piece "In Women's Sport, Who Are The Women?
The topics include athletic heroic acts and living on the moral edge, the framing of Marion Jones as golden girl and American fraud, gender verification and South Africa's Caster Semenya, postcolonial cricket celebrity Harbhajan Singh and the revenge narratives, and sportcasters falling from grace and saving face.
The middle- distance runner was stripped of her 2006 Asian Games silver medal in the women's 800m after failing a gender verification test, and has been working on daily wages as a brick labourer in Tamil Nadu.
On the day she won, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), the governing body that oversees all aspects of international track and field competitions, ordered her to undergo gender verification testing; the IAAF and other female runners were suspicious of Caster Semenya's "rapid performance improvements.
The video was of Pinki undergoing a gender verification test at a private nursing home after she was arrested on June 14, 2012.
Although it has been proposed that SL should introduce voluntary gender verification to limit lesbian spaces being infiltrated by RL males, this is not current policy in-world, so the possibility of males embodying female avatars is an on-going issue.
The IOC is obligated to achieve fairness with a policy that clearly and unambiguously sets out the criteria for gender verification.
Semenya underwent gender verification tests after she won the women's 800 metres at the Berlin world championships last August, following a rapid improvement in her performances.

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