Gender Selection

Any manoeuvre intended to increase the likelihood of giving birth to a child of a chosen sex
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Three per cent said it affected their ability to bond in the long-term and twice as many admitted that they'd consider travelling abroad for gender selection, which is banned for non-medical reasons in the UK.
ANNAPOLIS Bills that would outlaw using elephants in certain animal acts, ban using state funds for artificial turf fields or playgrounds and adding unspecified to the gender selection option on a motor vehicle license or state IDs are working their way through the Maryland General Assembly.
BIRMINGHAM reality TV star Danielle Lloyd has defended her decision to consider gender selection when having another child because she wants a "family balance".
Danielle Lloyd divides fans after confirming plans to undergo controversial gender selection after having four boys
Because women might value daughters more than men do, and because female education strengthens women's say in household decisions, we might expect that educating women would reduce the prevalence of gender selection.
Speaking at an anti-abortion rally in Brisbane Saturday, Coleridge cited China as a cause for fears that the new legislation would lead to abortions being undertaken for gender selection purposes.
In 2007, the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women called for the elimination of infanticide and gender selection.
After years of gender selection favoring boys, society is doomed because there simply are not enough girls.
Unless you fly abroad for expensive gender selection, there's absolutely no guarantee you'll get a girl next.
The change to the gender selection option is seen as a major step toward acceptance for people who don't self-identify as male or female, but the high-profile development seemed senseless to those who believe in two genders, no more.
There are really 2 scenarios within PGD laboratories that might lead to gender selection.