Gender Bender

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Endocrinology A popular term for any anti-sex antihormone factor See Pheromone
Sociology An informal term for a person who actively transgresses, or 'bends,' expected gender roles—e.g., a man who wears make-up and feminine clothes. Gender bending can have a subtext of social activism in response to assumptions or over-generalisations about genders
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Gender Bender founded the Mexican garage punk band Le Butcherettes while still in her teens.
I met with Antonia, Elisa Manici, Daniele De Pozzo, the artistic director of Gender Bender, and Marco Urizzi, a paid consultant for Soggettiva.
But Marivaux skips the clumsiness associated with one gender pretending to be the other, instead allowing his female-to-male gender bender to exploit her new role with certainty and calculation.
A new study may help explain this gender bender. A gene for a protein that promotes lung cancer growth is more likely to be active in women than in men, says Sharon P.
It wasn't specific to his celebrity status or reputation as a gender bender. I could see right there, in his figure, a conception of masculinity very different from the one I had been exposed to.
For instance, Canada Dry is the national sponsor of the SUPER CITIES Walk while Keebler and Tetley are product sponsors; Maxell Tape, Maxwell House Coffee and the Games Gang, makers of Pictionary, Balderdash and Gender Bender, sponsor Students Against Multiple Sclerosis; Dollar Dry Dock offers an MS Mastercard program; Miller Beer helps give the Ugliest Bartender Contest a fresh look by promoting fund raising materials; and Strohs White Mountain Cooler Comedy Tour presented a check to the local Society chapter each time it performed in a town.
Roy's second entry, 'Quick Change,' was featured at the festival's Gender Bender category.
Led by the charismatic, not to say loopy, Teri Gender Bender, pictured, they are currently on a massive European tour to showcase latest album A Raw Youth which will see them play Paris, Milan, Barcelona and London as well as downtown Coventry.
The 25-year-old pop singer was slammed for copying Lennox's gender bender performance from 1984 after she sang her track 'You And I' as her male alter-ego Joe Calderone.
JENNY MEADOWS hopes Caster Semenya isn't a gender bender - because she'd rather keep bronze than miss the world title by just three hundredths of a second.
Hoffman donned heels and prosthetic breasts to play a man in drag in Sydney Pollack's celebrated gender bender.
* One-third of male fish in English rivers have changed sex due to "gender bender" chemicals seeping into the system, according to a study published by the Environment Agency.