Jules A., French surgeon, 1806-1861. See: Gély suture.
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"Say I am pushing a kid on a swing," lead researcher Mario Gely said.
Fula says, "Ek het gely om (sic) vrees en vooroordeling (sic) [...] Later het ek [ge-]redeneer dat ons spreek woord (sic) lui: "Hoe diep 'n rivier is, is gewoonlik getoets deur die wandelstok." (Fula, Letter iv).
sts ondnd 's new ered evils Filipe er was by hat aying in n gain omo he gely It was not th long ago that Morais was plaa crucial role i helping Bolton promotion fro League One, sshould be hug important for Crawley at a lower level.
Thank you to Professor Rafael Gely for his helpful edits and thoughtful advice, to the editors of the Missouri Law Review, especially Abigail Williams for not only her support in preparing this Note but for encouraging me to join the Missouri Law Review.
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Giner & Gely (2005) studied the hygroscopicity of sunflower seeds and concluded that the Modified Halsey model was the best model to represent desorption isotherms of this product.
Professors Gely and Chandler examined a body of FMLA cases, including a sub-category of cases where intent was clearly at issue, i.e.
(274.) See Gely & Spiller, supra note 273, at 265.
We also thank Hugo ven der Westhuizen for an inflight sighting of buffalo ID65 and Marie Gely for designing the map.
"'Gely with tharmys of Scotland England": Word, Image and Performance at the Marriage of James IV and Margaret Tudor'.