Gelle test

Gel·lé test

a vibrating tuning fork is applied over the mastoid process; if it is heard, the air in the external auditory canal is compressed, by means of a rubber tube inserted into the canal and a hand bulb, thereby fixing the stapes in the oval window,;aif the perception is not changed, the hearing loss is thought to be conductive; a test of the mobility of the ossicles.
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Gellé test

[Marie Ernst Gellé, Fr. physician, 1834–1923]
A test in which a tuning fork is connected with a rubber tube inserted in the ear. Pressure or suction in the tube is produced by an attached bulb. If the ear is normal, vibrations are felt.
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Marie-Ernst, French otologist, 1834-1923.
Gellé test - a test of the mobility of the ossicles using a vibrating tuning fork.
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