Marie-Ernst, French otologist, 1834-1923. See: Gellé test.
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Farah Gelle, who is studying civil engineering at Coventry University, had his car clamped in March when he parked it on private land in Gosford Street.
In the process, people benefit from decreased stress, improved mental focus and reduced depression, writes New York Times staffer and longtime practitioner David Gelles.
And this has been going on awhile, which is why people are sort of getting impatient," observes Gelles.
La seccion Notas y Debates trae dos apartados: el primero, compuesto por los trabajos de los profesores Ivan Rivera y Jan David Gelles, se refiere a la crisis financiera internacional iniciada el 2008, cuyas implicancias, como anota el profesor Gelles, pueden llegar a remecer la propia ciencia economica.
Mike Gelles, 21, of Sherman Oaks, who has taken several of Garber's classes, predicted other campuses will follow his lead in offering Hebrew studies.
Seven seminars will be presented by leading professionals in the industry including attorneys A1 Pennisi, Pennisi Daniels Norelli, Ron Gold, Kagan Luber Lepper Lewis & Gold and Eric Weiss, Tuchman Katz Schwartz Gelles Korngold & Weiss; management company executive David Baron, Metro Management Development and industry experts Josh Goldman, Bargold Storage Systems, Steve Chen, Crystal Windows and Raymond Lou, MMTS.
For example, authors James Turner and Michael Gelles simply and plainly explain such topics as forming cross-functional crisis-management teams and updating workplace violence response plans.
Paul Gelles describes in considerable detail the social organization, especially of agriculture, of this rural Peruvian community, dwelling at length on its traditional native practices and beliefs about land and water and their supernatural associations.
Gelles takes a topical rather than chronological approach in her study of the life of Abigail Adams, wife of the second president of the United States and mother of the sixth president.
Sean Gelles, director of social media for online performance marketing agency MediaWhiz, argues that people are "not getting information from Facebook--Facebook is a sharing platform.
En la primera ofrecemos dos pequenos textos en los que los profesores Ivan Rivera y Jan David Gelles reflexionan, cada uno a su turno, acerca de las consecuencias de la crisis financiera mundial iniciada en el 2008.
There have been biographies recently of the second US president John Adams (1735-1826) and Abigail Smith Adams (1744-1818), says Gelles (gender research, Stanford U.