Jean Baptiste Edouard, French physician, 1859-1906. See: Gélineau syndrome.
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19) Joseph Doty and Joe Gelineau, "Command Climate," Army Magazine, July 2008, 22, 24, available at <www.
Even when corruption and poor performance can be identified, Gelineau and Remmer (2006) show that citizens may attribute the activities to the wrong level of government.
Gelineau and Singer's study of economic voting in Latin America concludes that voters in the region consider both the economic and political context when they assign blame for economic outcomes.
Jill Gelineau, a Portland attorney representing the property owner, said her clients were unhappy with the offer.
Des la fin des annees 60, la medecine du sommeil s'est interessee a la narcolepsie, une maladie caracterisee par des acces de sommeil et de cataplexie, decrite par Gelineau a la fin du 19e siecle.
Associated Press writers Kristen Gelineau in Sydney, Paul Joshua in Kuala Lumpur, Thomas Adamson in Paris, Joan Lowy in Washington, Rod McGuirk in Canberra, Australia, Nick Perry in Wellington, New Zealand, and Isolda Morillo and Aritz Parra in Beijing contributed to this report.
Bird) Gelineau of Oxford; his children, twins Matthew G.
Qc2012: l'utilisation de Twitter par les partis" in Les Quebecois aux urnes: les partis, les medias et les citoyens en campagne, in Frederick Bastien, Eric Belanger and Francois Gelineau (eds.
lt;< #Qc2012 : l'utilisation de Twitter par les partis >> dans Les Quebecois aux urnes : les partis, les medias et les citoyens en campagne, sous la direction de Bastien, Frederick, d'Eric Belanger et de Francois Gelineau.
Meanwhile, Julie Gelineau (Grace Gummer) also found out that Odin (Charlie Bewley) is up to no good and has some nefarious plans of his own.