Jean Baptiste Edouard, French physician, 1859-1906. See: Gélineau syndrome.
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While the files remain confidential, one researcher (Francois Gelineau of Laval University) has been given access to the entire file.
Juliet Williams and Kristen Gelineau Associated Press
Blais and Gelineau (2007) and Blais, Morin-Chasse and Singh (2017) argued that the best way to assess the effects of electoral outcomes on satisfaction with democracy is to assess the influence of changes in representation as a result of elections on changes in satisfaction with democracy.
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"Carolyn and James Gelineau brought this lawsuit in Norfolk Superior Court against the Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon) and Green Tree Servicing, LLC, seeking to enjoin a foreclosure sale of their property.
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Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Doty and Major Joe Gelineau stressed the role played by command climate in preventing or encouraging unethical behavior: "Historically, there are examples of questionable command climates resulting in behaviors that are not in tune with our professional military ethic or a result of character-based leadership." (39)
Byline: Kristen Gelineau
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