Geiger counter

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an instrument or apparatus by which numerical value is computed; in radiology, a device for enumerating ionizing events.
Coulter counter an automated instrument for performing blood counts, based on the principle that cells are poor electrical conductors compared with saline solution.
Geiger counter (Geiger-Müller counter) a radiation counter using a gas-filled tube that indicates the presence of ionizing particles. It is very sensitive to β particles but relatively insensitive to γ and x-rays.
scintillation counter a device for detecting ionization events, permitting determination of the concentration of radioisotopes in the body or other substance.

Geiger counter

[Hans Geiger, Ger. physicist in England, 1882–1945]
An instrument for detecting ionizing radiation.

Geiger counter, Geiger-Müller counter

an amplifying device that indicates the presence of ionizing particles emitted by a substance; used as a means of determining the presence of radioactivity.
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A Geiger counter consists of a tube of gas at low pressure (typically a noble gas such as helium or argon) connected to an electrode.
They make Geiger counters sing, and they stick to the tanks, contaminating the soil and blowing in the desert wind, as they will for the 4.
Goodman is the author of a book, Asleep at the Geiger Counter, published by Blue Dolphin Publishing Inc.
Alan Carr and the JLC always seem as excited as a Geiger counter in Tehran.
As lenser Brugman's camera follows Lena around the small village of Ghoiniki, it becomes evident from classroom lessons on how to read a Geiger counter to the smattering of doting parents watching offspring perform in the now-oversized school auditorium that nature has reclaimed the land around Chernobyl, the remaining villagers reverting to a more primitive, interconnected lifestyle.
Lee accompanies him, and her Geiger counter meter shoots to the active side.
And all of a sudden we are in the middle of 'Apocalypse Now': "Not a Geiger counter, but a hatred counter is required to tally false blasts concomitant with salvos that appear to be of self piety (or self pity; but does anyone see a difference?
Encased within what The New York Times refers to as a "Cold-War-Era Geiger Counter," this somewhat bulky object contains a bar code reader equipped with a database listing pollution complaints and ethics violations allegedly committed by the company.
It should be mentioned that at this time, radioactive counting had to be done using a manual Geiger counter system.
If you use something like a Geiger counter that just says there is gamma radiation, you mn into problems because there are lots of sources of gamma radiation, many of which are perfectly legitimate.
Antennae and instrument ports protruded from its surface and it was fitted with a number of measuring devices including a geiger counter and a micro meteorite detector.