Geiger counter

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an instrument or apparatus by which numerical value is computed; in radiology, a device for enumerating ionizing events.
Coulter counter an automated instrument for performing blood counts, based on the principle that cells are poor electrical conductors compared with saline solution.
Geiger counter (Geiger-Müller counter) a radiation counter using a gas-filled tube that indicates the presence of ionizing particles. It is very sensitive to β particles but relatively insensitive to γ and x-rays.
scintillation counter a device for detecting ionization events, permitting determination of the concentration of radioisotopes in the body or other substance.

Geiger counter

[Hans Geiger, Ger. physicist in England, 1882–1945]
An instrument for detecting ionizing radiation.

Geiger counter, Geiger-Müller counter

an amplifying device that indicates the presence of ionizing particles emitted by a substance; used as a means of determining the presence of radioactivity.
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The Times notes that the ethical Geiger counter is rather noisy, so much so that it would attract the attention of other shoppers.
While inside, the needle on a simple Japanese-made Geiger counter, an instrument used to measure the intensity of radiation, jumped to the upper limit of 19.
A toy maker looked to market a Geiger counter for $18.
Medical Radiation Detection, Monitoring & Safety Market -- [Dosimeter, Lead Apron, Geiger Counter, Ionization Chamber, Scintillator, Semiconductor Detector, Terahertz Detector, Lead Eyewear & Glove]- Competitive Analysis & Global Forecasts to 2017" research report is now available with RnRMarketresearch.
In a presentation I had seen in America, someone had talked about injecting a radioactive solution near to the nodule and then using a Geiger counter (instrument for detecting emitted radiation) to find its exact location.
Since the United States used depleted uranium and the Iraqis did not, the American could figure out which vehicles were hit by other Americans and which hit by Iraqis by using a Geiger counter.
When McGee has no signal on his mobile phone, he doesn't blame poor reception but suspects tshe bomb was radioactive; a quick scan with a Geiger counter soon confirms his theory.
Four days later, we were sent on to the island with a Geiger counter to measure radiation, but I was only a kid and didn't even know what it was.
Dad Dave said: "This guy came in with a Geiger counter.
When the Geiger counter came near me it went crazy, but we were just young sailors and had no idea of the implications.
Some people find that their skin heats like a geiger counter and the mesh and copper in these beds provides a complete screen.
British troops near Basra found training equipment for nuclear, biological and chemical warfare including a Geiger counter, nerve gas simulators, gas masks and protective suits.