Gefilte Fish

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A traditional Jewish dish made from various fishes which may be a vector for Diphyllobothrium latum, a tapeworm
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Gefilte fish originated in eastern Europe, where it was an inexpensive and tasty choice for Sabbath and holiday meals, Miller said.
When he first opened the shop, after his 'apprenticeship' with Jack Cohen and his time as a desert rat, the area was largely Jewish and so he stocked jars of gefilte fish and packets of matzos alongside the 57 varieties of Heinz and the staples such as the rice, flour, tea and sugar that he weighed into paper bags.
With more than two decades of unpublished literary material, Larry Baumhor finally makes his work available to the world with "Gefilte Fish in the House of Bedlam".
Then I remembered my mother telling me that my grandmother used to buy live carp to make gefilte fish. The carp swam in the bathtub until their number was up.
These might include squid (calamari), octopus (pulpo), cuttlefish (sepia), mussels (cozze), fresh and smoked eels, salted cod (baccala), smoked chubs, kippers, nova lox, conch (scungili), lobster tails, pickled and creamed herring, and gefilte fish (poached fish patties or balls made from a mixture of ground deboned fish, mostly carp).Remember that when offering anything kosher, specific rules and requirements apply.
The Jewish congregation shares gefilte fish or beet salad, the Brazilians a finger food called salgados, the Filipinos a chicken dish called adobo.
Specialty food stores can capitalize on the holiday by expanding their kosher inventory and also including items such as Gefilte fish, chopped liver, and sweet and sour meatballs.
Traditionally in Europe and North America, infections with fish tapeworms were incurred during the preparation of gefilte fish by Jewish women who tasted bits of uncooked freshwater fish and thus ingested plerocercoids (21).
Some foods that had been staples of the religious calendar, like teyglakh for the New Year or challahs and gefilte fish for the Sabbath, were served at family gatherings like birthdays and Soviet political holidays.
Walking into a delicatessen is like revisiting family gatherings at my grandparents--the rye breads and challah, gefilte fish and herring, knishes and kugel.
A little old Jewish lady (Judi showed me pictures), she used to travel, laden down with gefilte fish and borscht, by train from her small apartment in Yonkers up to Connecticut, where Judi lived with her father (a salesman), her mother, her brother and her sister.
Auds are treated to kosher delicacies including herring, gefilte fish, knishes, strawberries and ice cream.