Gefilte Fish

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A traditional Jewish dish made from various fishes which may be a vector for Diphyllobothrium latum, a tapeworm
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Gefilte fish originated in eastern Europe, where it was an inexpensive and tasty choice for Sabbath and holiday meals, Miller said.
Traditionally in Europe and North America, infections with fish tapeworms were incurred during the preparation of gefilte fish by Jewish women who tasted bits of uncooked freshwater fish and thus ingested plerocercoids (21).
The same is true of "stuffed fish" [farshirovannaia ryba], listed in many Russian cookbooks and close to a classic Russian-Jewish gefilte fish except in its use of bread (instead of Jewish matzoh meal) and milk.
Walking into a delicatessen is like revisiting family gatherings at my grandparents--the rye breads and challah, gefilte fish and herring, knishes and kugel.
Auds are treated to kosher delicacies including herring, gefilte fish, knishes, strawberries and ice cream.
GEFILTE FISH FOR THE REST OF US Gefilte fish, the famous and traditional Jewish Passover dish, has many variations, but the following is my standard.
Clippings show a small, genial, heavyset woman, the archetypal nana: When Max Ernst and Andre Breton showed up at her house in Brighton Beach, you don't need to be told that she served them gefilte fish and chicken soup.
It also assumes that most bubbas came from Eastern Europe and that Jewish cooking consists of gefilte fish, chicken soup, challah, cholent, kugel, brisket, and fruit compote.
Gefilte fish is also traditionally served at two of the four meals of Rosh Hashanah, causing another boost in demand for choice roots and green tops in the fall.
Click on the gefilte fish on the site's main page, and you're welcomed into a colorful, if slightly meshuga, jumble of gay Judaism.
Consider foods, some which are readily recognized as traditional Jewish foods for every d ay or holidays: bagels, chicken soup, the Chanukah latkes, the Purim hamentaschen, gefilte fish, and horseradish.
Now he is old enough to accompany his father to Vasser Lake to catch gefilte fish for his family's Shabbos (Sabbath) meal.