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 (V) [vōlt]
the SI unit of electric potential or electromotive force, equal to 1 watt per ampere, or 1 joule per coulomb.
electron volt (eV) a unit of energy equal to the energy acquired by an electron in being accelerated through a potential difference of 1 volt; equal to 1.602 × 10−19 joule.
gigaelectron volt (GeV) one billion electron volts (109 eV).
kiloelectron volt (keV) one thousand electron volts (103 eV).
megaelectron volt (MeV) one million electron volts (106 eV).
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In Figure 3 we present the [m.sub.T] dependence of the ratios of two-pion HBT radii for the most-central Au+Au at [square root of [s.sub.NN]] = 19.6 GeV and Cu+Cu collisions at [square root of [s.sub.NN]] = 22.4 GeV.
In recent studies on the nonstationary probability distribution model, the shape parameter has become smaller overall, indicating that the right tail of the GEV probability density function becomes thicker and the occurrence of extreme precipitation becomes more frequent in the future [42].
In another analysis of a similar model [29], the agreement of the distribution of global energy extremes with a member of the GEV family was indeed good, yet large uncertainty remained on the value of the shape parameter, and no stringent test was made to make sure that the estimate was stable against changes in the block size considered in the BM analysis.
GPA, GLO and GEV should be compared for final selection of distributions on these sites of Indus basin, in Pakistan.
The extraction of extreme values is significant when GEV is applied to fit the tail of the data.
(2007) and Cannon (2010), is to improve the quantile estimates obtained from the GEV. More specifically, the main idea is to decrease the human vulnerability to extreme (hydro/agro) meteorological events by improving the GEV parameter estimates for each region or case of interest.
So it can be concluded that by using L-moments and TL-moments GPA distribution is the best fitted distribution followed by GEV and GLO distributions.
For a given energy [E.sub.b] GeV and charge [Q.sub.b] pC, the parameters of self-guided laser wakefield accelerators can be designed as follows.
Subsea Masters is the specialist subsea division of leading UK based engineering group, GEV Group; providing a dedicated knowledge base to the world's growing subsea industry with the ability to resource highly experienced engineers at short notice to meet the toughest of challenges.
Este trabalho propos verificar a adequacidade das metodologias MV, MM e M-L ajustadas as duas distribuicoes assintoticas empiricas, sendo a GEV e a Gumbel para maximos.
With this, the scientists were able to detect a pulsed, repeating gamma-ray signal in the energy range of 30 GeV and attribute it to the Vela pulsar.