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Psychology A portmanteau of gay and radar, which refers to a purported sixth sense—based on non-verbal sensory information and intuition—that gay people are said to have that enables them to recognize each other in public and unfamiliar surroundings
Technology A small proprietary electronic device capable of transmitting to and receiving signals from other Gaydars carried by others with a homosexual orientation
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Facial expressions are remarkably telling: eye gaze during social encounters has been associated with identity recognition among gay men and lesbians including direct and broken stares as well as postures, gestures, and smiles, according to Cheryl Nicholas in her 2004 article "Gaydar: Eyegaze as Identity Recognition Among Gay Men and Lesbians" (60).
Plans to introduce a new mobile dating service via its Gaydar online dating and lifestyle portals have been unveiled by QSoft Consulting (QSoft), a gay media owner.
The park's owners, Tussauds Group, teamed up with lifestyle website Gaydar to organise a day aimed at attracting the 'pink pound'.
According to the program's promotional materials, available on the Fox website, "The men will vie for Jackie's affections by participating in group activities and one-on-one dates that will simultaneously tempt her heart and test her 'gaydar.'" The premise of this show is that homosexual men will behave in the same manner as heterosexual men.
"Most gay men are feminine," Bailey declares in The Man Who Would Be Queen, "or at least they are feminine in certain ways." The professor's gaydar can spot those Certain Ways from across the street--on the basis, for example, of the pronunciation a man gives the sound s: closer to the front of the mouth, like a woman's.
The rights to the name "Gaydar" are in dispute in this domain-crazed world.
"From the beginning, there wasn't much doubt we could handle and track inventory more efficiently than we were," explains procurement operations manager Paul Gaydar. What he and others might have underestimated was just how much more efficiently.
Dewani, 34, who claims to be bisexual, had also signed in to dating site Gaydar twice on November 12 2010 as the couple waited for an internal flight in South Africa - two weeks after their PS200,000 wedding in Mumbai.
The 46-year-old songwriter had contacted Carlsen on the Gaydar website for a nude photo shoot at his flat to which the latter had agreed.
The Tussauds Group, which runs the theme parks, has come up with the idea in partnership with the dating and lifestyle website, Gaydar.