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Psychology A portmanteau of gay and radar, which refers to a purported sixth sense—based on non-verbal sensory information and intuition—that gay people are said to have that enables them to recognize each other in public and unfamiliar surroundings
Technology A small proprietary electronic device capable of transmitting to and receiving signals from other Gaydars carried by others with a homosexual orientation
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The app also has a "confirmed gay" feature, allowing users to configure privacy settings such that their gaydar signal is only detectable by other "confirmed gay" users.
to developing the first live mobile dating service in the UK for Gaydar.
Mr Leisser claims he spotted activity by Dewani on the Gaydar site while he was away for his wedding, and that he texted him in December three weeks after Anni was killed.
Pink News wrote: "Once tipped for high office, it seems the curse of Gaydar continues to hang over Chris Bryant.
His admissions statements to Western Cape high court of facts he is not disputing show he went on to use Gaydar three times between November 15 and November 16 - each session was for nearly an hour.
The rent boy Leopold Leisser claims he saw Dewani three times after they met on website Gaydar.
Gerrard was way ahead of teammate Joe Cole, Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas and Chelsea stars Fernando Torres and Frank Lampard in the survey conducted by Gaydar, a profile-based dating website for gay and bisexual men, women and couples.
GAYDAR and the Terence Higgins Trust have teamed up to provide an online support service for gay men living with HIV.
By the way, my gaydar went off when I saw your scene with that other woman cop in the new series.
After our story Mann's web page was removed from gaydar.
The Tussauds Group, which runs the theme parks, has come up with the idea in partnership with the dating and lifestyle website, Gaydar.
Big names including Peter AndrA and former Atomic Kitten Liz McClarnon were in town and gave performances on the Gaydar stage at the park in Edgbaston.