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Psychology A portmanteau of gay and radar, which refers to a purported sixth sense—based on non-verbal sensory information and intuition—that gay people are said to have that enables them to recognize each other in public and unfamiliar surroundings
Technology A small proprietary electronic device capable of transmitting to and receiving signals from other Gaydars carried by others with a homosexual orientation
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Even the homeless man had enough gay-dar to know I wasn't heterosexual.
Seeking expert guidance (and proving that mincing fairy stereotypes are far from a spent cinematic force), the gals enlist flight steward Brother Bee (Michael Shaowanasai) as "gay-dar" consultant and begin snooping for hard evidence to prove Kong's orientation.
Without any attributions of value, this fact allows for the formal investigation of those qualities we generally describe as "gay-dar," raising the insistent question, "How do you know?" Independent of its customary pairing with "femme," the idea of butch, the appearance of butch, the shared recognition and understanding of butch, provide a research medium through which we might better understand the implicit knowledge and automatic cognitive operations that allow social meaning to emerge.
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