Gay Marriage

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A legally or socially recognized marriage between two persons of the same biological sex or social gender
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Focus on the Family, with its vast Christian media empire based in Colorado Springs, launched a media campaign and its president, Dobson, took a leave from his paid post (he remains as chairman) to free himself from not-for-profit constraints and fight gay marriage "on the political level.
Conservatives may argue that allowing gay marriage endangers matrimony for straights; in fact, creating alternatives to marriage, inch as civil unions, is far more likely to undermine the institution of marriage.
Politicians seeking to put a gay marriage ban before Massachusetts voters were unsuccessful during a joint House-Senate session last month.
As a diversion from thorny, politicized issues like gay marriage and comprehensive welfare policy, it's pretty clever.
And Sidney Callahan, a veteran Catholic commentator, changed her mind on gay marriage, writing in a 1994 article for the journal Commonweal: "Why is it intrinsically disordered for homosexuals and lesbians to act on their sexual orientation, even if they would fulfill all the same moral conditions required of heterosexual marital activity, such as commitment, love, and lifelong fidelity?
She was just supporting the fact that she heard on NPR that more states legalized gay marriage today," a spokesperson for Symone said in a statement.
But living in the ideological, privileged world he does, surrounded by his elitist friends, he fails to understand falling living standards, rising prices, the NHS and fighting crime are uppermost in ordinary people's minds - not membership of the EU or gay marriage.
CERTAINLY, REASONS HAVE BEEN found to validate gay marriage post facto.
In the state of Washington, gay marriage will be on the ballot in November.
Obama said he had already made his decision to support gay marriage before the Democratic National Convention in September.
5 percentage points) left open the possibility that gay marriage supporters do not constitute a majority yet, Silver noted that their numbers have been rising more or less steadily since 1988, with the trend accelerating in the last year or two.