Gay Gene

A putative gene located in chromosome segment Xq28 that was transiently linked by some workers to homosexuality
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There have been numerous other studies, of course, but today the unfruitful search for a gay gene has yielded to the burgeoning science of epigenetics, which studies not the genes themselves, but sex-specific "epi-marks" that regulate the transmission of genes.
My attention-seeking gay gene malfunctions on the dance floor.
The gay gene theory is promoted by gay activists and the media to justify certain types of behaviour.
She also, though, told GOProuders that she doesn't understand why all gays aren't conservative, because "as soon as they find the gay gene, you know who's getting aborted," and "you know what the Muslims do to gays.
For most people both inside and outside the denomination, it all began with the election of openly gay Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire in 2003, but that, says Kirkpatrick (religion, Trinity College), only lanced a boil that had long festered beneath the wealthy elite surface.
The group has previously spoken out against the consecration of openly gay Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire in the US.
He is concerned that her genetic test will "out" him by focusing on a gay gene.
If we could ever find that gay gene, it would relieve the idea that this is something you have done to annoy your aunt.
It stems from a debate which took place in the North-East about the possible existence of a gay gene.
Since development of the ability to select for such attributes--which Thomas' character calls "Hitler's dream"--parents-to-be are discriminating against the gay gene.