Gay Community

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A loosely coherent group of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered individuals and their supporters, organizations and subcultures, united by a philosophy and culture that accepts non-traditional partnerships, lifestyles, and relationships
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Cllr David Williams says he has received complaints from constituents that the area around Prince's Wood, Penymynydd, Flintshire, is used for 'dogging' and is a well known 'cruising' haunt for the gay community.
TORY support among the gay community has soared since David Cameron backed same-sex marriage, according to a poll.
But the 52-year-old didn't issue a denial, as he does not want to offend the gay community.
7 ( ANI ): George Clooney has laughed off at rumours, which claimed that he is gay because he doesn't want to insult the gay community.
Summary: The removal of a rainbow crossing in Sydney has angered the gay community.
Ricardo Amunjera has been chosen to represent the gay community for the next year when he was announced the new Mr Gay Namibia at a pageant last week.
Today I read the exchange in the letters to the editor (August 8 issue) related to the cover story on the gay community.
When I "came out" I viewed the gay community as the kind of people who accepted and loved people for who they are.
This study investigated sense of belonging to the general community and sense of belonging to the gay community as predictors of depression among self-identified Australian gay men (N = 137).
Kenneth Norton, 23 restaurant manager "Obesity itself isn't an issue; it's the fear of obesity in the gay community.
All we'd like to see is a few gay businesses, a drop-in centre that the gay community will create themselves to serve the needs of this part of the population.
But the gay community spans the greater society, and members of that community are not easily identified and, therefore, difficult to deliver specific and customized police services.