gaussian distribution

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nor·mal dis·tri·bu·tion

a specific bell-shaped frequency distribution commonly assumed by statisticians to represent the infinite population of measurements from which a sample has been drawn; characterized by two parameters, the mean (x) and the standard deviation (σ), in the equation:
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normal distribution

A bell-shaped frequency distribution of data, the plotted curve of which is symmetrical about the mean, indicating no significant deviation of the data set from the mean.

Properties of a normal distribution
Continuous and symmetrical, with both tails extending to infinity; arithmetic mean, mode, and median are identical. The curve’s shape is completely determined by the mean and standard deviation.
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gaus·si·an dis·tri·bu·tion

(gow'sē-ăn dis'tri-byū'shŭn)
The statistical distribution of members of a population around the population mean. In a gaussian distribution, 68.2% of values fall within ± 1 standard deviation (SD); 95.4% fall within ± 2 SD of the mean; and 99.7% fall within ± 3 SD of the mean.
Synonym(s): bell-shaped curve, normal distribution.
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Gaussian distribution

Normal distribution. The distribution of characteristics found in large populations subject to many causes of variability. The graph of the Gaussian distribution of any characteristic (such as body height) is a symmetrical bell shape, centred on the mean. (Johann Karl Friedrich Gauss, 1777–1855, German mathematician).
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Johann K.F., German physicist, 1777-1855.
gauss - a unit of magnetic field intensity.
gaussian curve - a specific bell-shaped frequency distribution. Synonym(s): gaussian distribution; normal distribution
gaussian distribution - Synonym(s): gaussian curve
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Evolution of these objects follows obviously general principles taken into account by the original hydrodynamic model and may lead to the Gaussian distributions of final state particles in pseudorapidities.
Input: [[bar.[mu]].sub.i] (k - 1), [[??].sub.i] (k - 1) Output: [[??].sub.i](k), [[??].sub.i] (k) 1: redraw particles [mathematical expression not reproducible] from the Gaussian distribution which [[bar.[mu]].sub.i] (k - 1), [[??].sub.i] (k - 1) are the mean and covariance, respectively.
For the accurate and efficient detection of the hippocampus, we use the region growing as the prior information and integrate the global Gaussian distributions information into a conventional edge-based level set model.
The above formula belongs to Gaussian distribution:
A mixture of two Gaussian distributions for the parameter p of the general Ward-RED model was fit to our sample.
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[MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] being the density function associated with the Gaussian distribution with mean [mu] and variance [[sigma].sup.2].
The form factor for a polymer ring can be calculated using a multivariate Gaussian distribution approach [15, 16].
The occurrence of three exceptional moves in the space of just four trading sessions underscores changes in oil prices do not follow a normal or Gaussian distribution, named after the 19th century mathematical genius Carl Friedrich Gauss.
We assumed the variations as a Gaussian distribution. Various researchers acquire Gaussian distribution to estimate RSSI uctuation [4], [5].

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