gaussian distribution

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nor·mal dis·tri·bu·tion

a specific bell-shaped frequency distribution commonly assumed by statisticians to represent the infinite population of measurements from which a sample has been drawn; characterized by two parameters, the mean (x) and the standard deviation (σ), in the equation:

normal distribution

A bell-shaped frequency distribution of data, the plotted curve of which is symmetrical about the mean, indicating no significant deviation of the data set from the mean.

Properties of a normal distribution
Continuous and symmetrical, with both tails extending to infinity; arithmetic mean, mode, and median are identical. The curve’s shape is completely determined by the mean and standard deviation.

gaus·si·an dis·tri·bu·tion

(gow'sē-ăn dis'tri-byū'shŭn)
The statistical distribution of members of a population around the population mean. In a gaussian distribution, 68.2% of values fall within ± 1 standard deviation (SD); 95.4% fall within ± 2 SD of the mean; and 99.7% fall within ± 3 SD of the mean.
Synonym(s): bell-shaped curve, normal distribution.

Gaussian distribution

Normal distribution. The distribution of characteristics found in large populations subject to many causes of variability. The graph of the Gaussian distribution of any characteristic (such as body height) is a symmetrical bell shape, centred on the mean. (Johann Karl Friedrich Gauss, 1777–1855, German mathematician).


Johann K.F., German physicist, 1777-1855.
gauss - a unit of magnetic field intensity.
gaussian curve - a specific bell-shaped frequency distribution. Synonym(s): gaussian distribution; normal distribution
gaussian distribution - Synonym(s): gaussian curve
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The incoming pixel data for the left and right images is written into the row buffer using the column address from the Gaussian blur block.
In the next test, we use Gaussian blur and out-of-focus blur to degrade the "Boat" image and then run the two algorithms many times to obtain the best results.
In a study of microtubule growth in living cells by confocal fluorescence microscopy, the profiles of fluorescence intensity of complexes of microtubule-end binding protein with green fluorescent protein were fit to EMG based on the premise that these profiles are generated by a convolution of exponential decay with point Gaussian blur associated with microscopy [34].
Therefore, we can set k = 1.4, 1.7, 3.5, 2.5, and 1.8 as the fixed fading factors of JPEG 2000, JPEG, white noise, Gaussian blur, and transmission errors, respectively, also recorded at the bottom of Table 1.
The common way of doing Gaussian blur is to use a convolution kernel (
Caption: Figure 4: Evolutions of SNR with respect to iteration numbers and computing time (cameraman image degraded by Gaussian blur and contaminated by salt-and-pepper noise ([[sigma].sup.2] = 70%) plus Gaussian noise
So we've got an optimized Gaussian blur implementation and we are processing it in 1/2 by 1/2 resolution for our HDR Bloom effect (in a hypothetical game development scenario), but it is still costing us 3ms per frame.
When I'm satisfied with this mask, I apply the Gaussian Blur filter to smooth the transition between the layers.
(b) Forged image is added with Gaussian blur whose kernel is [3 x 3] and [sigma] = 0.5.
For example, we can reduce the background noise of our galaxy image with a Gaussian Blur (Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur) set to 3 pixels.
I then apply a Gaussian Blur filter set to a radius of 25, which eradicates small features.