gauge pressure

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gauge pres·sure

pressure measured relative to ambient atmospheric pressure; at sea level, it is 1 atmosphere less than the pressure in the atmosphere. Compare: absolute pressure.
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Such design allows to connect up to four vacuum gauges on one cover, thus a distance from pumping orifice and gas inlet port is equal, which provides reliable vacuum gauge pressure measurements.
Offered in gauge pressure ranges from 5 to 40 mWG, the 595 has a total error band of less than [+ or -] 0.1 percent over the compensated temperature range of 23[degrees] to 113[degrees]F, and an operating temperature of -13[degrees] to + 158[degrees]F.
Boasting built-in common transfer functions, totalizer and process alarm, and on-line calibration adjustments, B30 transmitters and B40 transmitters-controllers provide measurement and control of differential pressure, absolute pressure, and gauge pressure. The B40 transmitters-controllers also handle saturated steam flow.