Otto Hans, German physiologist, 1909-1979. See: Henry-Gauer response.
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Together with current two deputies Pascal Leardini and Celine Gauer Juhansone will lead and steer the work of the Secretariat-General and will notably ensure continuity and a smooth transition between the end of the Juncker Commission and the beginning of the Von der Leyen Commission.
Gauer: To better my knowledge of corrections because I'm not a corrections person.
He welcomed the visit of Deputy Secretary General of the Commission, Celine Gauer, to Cyprus on 5 March, during which she will be given the opportunity to examine more closely the emergency measures, especially in the areas where Cyprus is particularly affected.
The foreign minister welcomed the upcoming visit of deputy secretary general of the European Commission Celine Gauer to Cyprus on March 5, during which she will be given the opportunity to examine the emergency measures more closely, especially in areas concerning Cyprus.
The same populations and in most cases the same trees were analyzed at DNA level using RAPD markers by GAUER & CAVALLI-MOLINA (2000).
Aurora police are mourning the loss of retired Officer Marshall Eugene "Sheik" Gauer, who died Thursday at his home at the age of 72.
Dr Jean Marc Gauer, head of Surgery and CEO, RAK Hospital, said, 'We are the first institution in the Middle East offering stem cell treatments for bone and joint health.
The goal of musculoskeletal rehabilitation is to help the patient return to the highest level of function and independence possible, while improving the overall quality of life - physically, emotionally, and socially," commented Dr Jean Marc Gauer, head of surgery and CEO, RAK Hospital.
Bristol Bay Industrial appointed Cody Gauer to President and CEO of Peak Oilfield Service Company.