Otto Hans, German physiologist, 1909-1979. See: Henry-Gauer response.
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The additional investment from another high-profile investor like Palomar and the addition of Jim Gauer to our board combined with the initial funding from Austin Ventures will help us expand our reach and capabilities as we continue to deliver an unmatched suite of network systems management products.
Son like father, Dal Gauer Jr believes the ever growing revenues and margins of the hydro electricity and the energy field in general will enable him to make a substantial contribution not only financially but in assisting Del Cerro with rapid growth that Dal Grauer Sr has already completed previously.
Richard Gauer, president and CEO, Automotive Integrated Electronics Corporation
Alistair's leadership at high-growth, leading-edge technology companies is exactly what YellowShirt needs at this point to expand rapidly and grow profitably," says Jim Gauer, General Partner at Palomar Ventures.
31 /PRNewswire/ -- George Abe has joined as venture partner with premier venture capital firm Palomar Ventures, it was announced today by Jim Gauer, general partner and co-founder of Palomar Ventures.
Lombardo notes, for example, the unusually high level of personal input that Boutros-Ghali had in the drafting of the 1994 Gauer Lecture, (41) which formed the basis for much of what later became An Agenda for Democratization:
e] siecle illustre la reflexion de Ruth Gauer pour qui le baroque vu comme genre de vie, est regi par les contradictions des antagonismes, et par des syncretismes qui le determinent.
They have traditionally done very well," said Tom Gauer, senior director of automotive retail practice for J.
People who are very satisfied with the sales process, 90 percent of those people say they are likely to return to the dealer for service,'' said Power analyst Tom Gauer.
The authors thank Audrey Campbell, Sandy FitzGibbon, Valerie Gauer, Carmen James-Henry, Irene Kassies, Sandra MacMillan, Sari Simkins, and Voula Varsamidou from Toronto Public Health for their contribution in organizing the focus group sessions.
Lu Z, Glauser TA, Ayala R, Elterman RD, Mitchell WG, Van Orman CB, Gauer LJ Levetiracetam adjunctive therapy in children with refractory partial epilepsy, in comparison with other new anti-epileptic drugs.
Appointed president and CEO in January 1998, McManus and LHW Chairman Jean-Jacques Gauer began to rethink the organization's corporate mission and overall philosophy.