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gas·tro·in·tes·ti·nal hor·mone

any secretion of the gastrointestinal mucosa affecting the timing and quantity of various digestive secretions (for example, secretin) or causing enhanced motility of the target organ (for example, cholecystokinin).
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gas·tro·in·tes·ti·nal hor·mone

(gastrō-in-testi-năl hōrmōn)
Any secretion of the gastrointestinal mucosa affecting the timing and quantity of various digestive secretions or causing enhanced motility of the target organ.
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Gastrointestinal hormones are regulated by the autonomic nervous system, the vagal nerve in particular.
The regulative effects are preformed mainly via inhibition of the release of central CRF and activation of vagal pathway, which are also involved in the release of gastrointestinal hormones such as MTL, GAS and SS.
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