Gastrografin swallow

Gas·tro·grafin swal·low

esophagram or upper GI series using water-soluble iodinated contrast medium.
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To further confirm the diagnosis of esophageal rupture, a limited Gastrografin swallow was done through the preexisting NG tube while it was pulled back into the distal esophagus.
Gastrografin swallow imaging followed by a CT scan, one week later, revealed contrast accumulation within a duodenal pouch, corresponding to the previously described diverticulum, with absence of contrast extravasation (Figures 1(c) and 1(d)).
Follow-up CT and gastrografin swallow imaging showed the evidence of two outpouching structures within the D2 and D3 segments of the duodenum with layering of contrast (Figure 2(c)), representing two wide-neck duodenal diverticula.
(c) Gastrografin swallow fluoroscopy, upon follow-up, showing the presence of contrast within the diverticulum (arrow) and absence of any extravasation.
If severe symptoms or inflammatory signs are present, a Gastrografin swallow study is recommended to rule out esophageal perforation.