gastric volvulus

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gas·tric vol·vu·lus

1. In humans, a twisting of the stomach that may result in obstruction and impairment of the blood supply to the organ; it can occur in paraesophageal hernia and occasionally in eventration of the diaphragm.
2. In veterinary medicine, a common condition most often seen in deep-chested breeds of dogs. May involve complete 360o torsion with complete vascular compromise or partial volvulus or torsion; spleen may rotate as well. Severe volvulus is often fatal without intensive care and early intervention; often begins with gastric bloat
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Due to persistent evidence of gastric outlet obstruction, an upper gastrointestinal study was performed which suggested gastric volvulus. The patient proceeded to gastropexy via open gastrostomy tube placement.
According to Sinwar (2015), gastric volvulus first was described by Berti in 1866.
The presence of cardiac arrhythmias with acute gastric volvulus is rarely reported.
The diagnosis of mesenteroaxial gastric volvulus was confirmed; fortunately there were no signs of ischaemia, necrosis or perforation.
In contrast, chronic gastric volvulus is characterized by considerably milder, nonspecific symptoms.
Eventration may be further complicated by acute gastric volvulus, chronic gastric volvulus or chronic recurrent volvulus of the splenic flexure of the colon.
Gastric volvulus - a torsional twisting of the stomach - is an underrecognized complication of hiatal hernia.
Rarely, a life-threatening complication such as gastric volvulus, with or without strangulation, may occur (2).
Congenital diaphragmatic hernia with gastric volvulus presenting as an acute tension gastrothorax.
Gastric volvulus is a relatively rare condition that is characterized by an abnormal rotation of the stomach around an axis.
Gastric volvulus is defined as an abnormal rotation of the stomach of more than 180[degrees], creating a closed loop obstruction that can result in incarceration and strangulation.
Acute gastric volvulus is an uncommon but easily recognised surgical emergency with highly specific clinical symptoms.