gas exchange

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1. the substitution of one thing for another.
2. to substitute one thing for another.
gas exchange the passage of oxygen and carbon dioxide in opposite directions across the alveolocapillary membrane.
health care information exchange in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as providing patient care information to health professionals in other agencies.
impaired gas exchange a nursing diagnosis approved by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, defined as excess or deficit in oxygenation and/or carbon dioxide elimination at the alveolocapillary membrane (see gas exchange). Etiological and contributing factors include an altered oxygen supply, changes in the alveolar-capillary membrane, altered blood flow, and altered oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. Defining characteristics include changes in mental status such as confusion, somnolence, restlessness, and irritability; ineffective coughing and inability to move secretions from the air passages; hypercapnia; and hypoxia. For specific medical treatments and nursing interventions, see airway clearance, ineffective; breathing patterns, ineffective; chronic airflow limitation; and anemia.
plasma exchange see plasma exchange.
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gas exchange


gas carriage

the transfer of gases between an organism and the environment. In RESPIRATION, oxygen is taken in and carbon dioxide given out. Photosynthesis in plants complicates this system in that during the process carbon dioxide is required by the plant and oxygen given off (see COMPENSATION PERIOD). In plants and small animals such as PROTOZOANS and PLATYHELMINTHS, gas exchange occurs by DIFFUSION. In higher animals, special respiratory surfaces have been developed, for example, internal and external gills, lungs and trachea.
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Gas exchange

The process by which oxygen is extracted from inhaled air into the bloodstream, and, at the same time, carbon dioxide is eliminated from the blood and exhaled.
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Simultaneously, the Baltic Gas Exchange GET Baltic, owned and operated by Lithuanian UAB GET Baltic, will start its operation in Finland.
According to the company, the MediPines Gas Exchange Monitor device provided rapid feedback to the research team tasked with assessing the freedivers' gas exchange status.
In 2010, conditions were somewhat droughty by the date of the first measurements of the year, so volumetric soil moisture was measured concurrently with gas exchange measurements to further characterize environmental conditions.
It has been suggested by previous studies that the functions of microvilli in the respiratory epithelium of the air-breathing organs of fish were to increase the surface area of its gas exchange (Huges and Munshi, 1973; Maina and Maloiy, 1986).
However, when these explants were kept in vessels that allowed higher gas exchange, regeneration and plantlet development proceeded normally.
The results showed that, NO3 , H2PO4, Cu, Zn and B contents and the photosynthetic pigments, gas exchange parameters and photosynthetic product were significantly higher in salt-tolerant wild soybean than in common wild soybean.
In the same leaves, which were analyzed for gas exchange, foliar tweezers were placed and, after a period of 30 minutes of dark adaptation (KoNRAD et al., 2005) the fluorescence parameters such as : initial fluorescence (Fo), maximum fluorescence (Fm), variable fluorescence (Fo-Fm) and quantum efficiency of photosystem II (Fv / Fm), were determined using the PEA equipment--Hansatech.
Gas exchange and breathing patterns improved equally with both CPAP methods, but all infants required intubation within the first 24 hours because of worsening gas exchange.
Gas exchange and chlorophyll a fluorescence were investigated to survey the diurnal changes in photosynthesis of ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba L.) leaves.
Cycle exercise tests conducted at the beginning and end of the treatment period provided measures of aerobic function, including peak oxygen uptake and gas exchange lactate threshold.
Ankara is studying a proposal, combining feasibility reports made to an organisation called PETFORM by Accenture for "Establishing a Natural Gas Exchange and Turkish Gas Hub".
Gas Exchange Seen: Among other things, the NGML also provides for the establishment of a "Natural Gas Exchange and Turkish Gas Hub".