Gartner duct cyst

Gart·ner duct cyst

a lesion arising from vestiges of a mesonephric duct in female embryos; located between layers of the broad ligament along the lateral wall of the uterus or in the lateral wall of the vagina. Compare: Gartner cyst.
Synonym(s): Gartner cyst
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Gart·ner cyst

(gahrt'nĕr sist)
A lesion of the principal duct in the vestigial structures of the paroophoron in the cervix or anterolateral vaginal wall, corresponding to the sexual portion of mesonephros in the male.
Synonym(s): Gartner duct cyst.
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Clinically, it may be misdiagnosed as Bartholin cyst, lipoma, labial cyst, Gartner duct cyst, levator hernia or sarcoma.
The largest Gartner duct cyst reported till now is measured 16cmx15cmx8cm.
Giant Gartner duct cyst: magnetic resonance imaging findings.
Gartner duct cysts are the remnants of the Wolffian duct.
Gartner duct cysts sometimes are also associated with a variety of developmental abnormalities of the urinary tract.
Several studies and case reports describe those remnants as "Gartner cysts" or "Gartner duct cysts" surrounded by inner circular and outer longitudinal layers of smooth muscle cells [19].