Maurice, French physician, 1812-1878. See: Gariel pessary.
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Authorities said at the time it appeared the radioactivity originated somewhere in South Russia between the Volga River and the Ural Mountains, according to Jean-Christope Gariel of France's Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety Institute.
"All retailers, e-commerce operators and manufactures are currently rethinking their supply chains to gain higher efficiency in the region," says Amuary Gariel, EMEA industrial and logistics managing director at the global commercial real estate services firm CBRE.
In the province, where we're from, they don't want wooden houses anymore; they want cement, so they just sell us their wood,' says Gariel Peros, the 26-year-old owner and manager of Silya, Elektrika, atbp.
According to Jean-Christophe Gariel, director of the environment at France's Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), the reason is probably that the on-site studies underestimate the dose actually absorbed.
Bridget Fowler's chapter on Lucien Goldman has insightful things to say about Goldman's sociology of literature and its challenge to Bourdieu, Alvaro Santana-Acuna provocatively suggests an alternative path for an early sociology that could have been followed if the discipline had canonized Gariel Tarde's "social monads" approach as opposed to Durkheim's "social fact" paradigm.
But I'll oppose her with the Aidan O'Brien-trained Dazzling, an impressive winner over this course and distance on her debut before getting beaten, at odds-on, in the listed Flame Of Tara Stakes, won by Avenue Gariel, here.
Also, what a joy to be able to hear the 1717 'Gariel' Stradivarius throughout the concert.