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The formal study of society’s waste
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Garbology : Study of the contents of bins to analyse households consumption patterns.
The value and power of his philosophical and spiritual insights are brought clearly into focus if we first consider the cultural context of garbology since the late nineteenth century.
Still others do what Rosenblum calls "garbology"--studying the waste stream to find out what can be recycled.
Effects of unexpected situations on behavior-intention differences: A garbology analysis.
The report's $11.4 billion estimate on the value of landfilled packaging is likely way too low, because it's based on flawed data, said Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Edward Humes, author of "Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash."
"Operation Reuse It!" is the second book in the EcoAdventures Garbology Kids Series, teaching children wonderful ways to reduce, reuse, and repurpose trash and junk, or old discarded items.
In "Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?: A Garbology Kids Ecoadventure" Tiana follows the trail of her lost dog, Bubbles, to the Murf, or Materials Recovery Facility that recyclables are sent to.