Garbage Collector

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A program that condenses ‘dead’ storage space from deleted files on a hard drive, allowing storage despite ‘insufficient memory’ messages
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Overcoming immense odds, the garbage collector confessed that the road was not always easy: "It's hard because I have a lot of children.
Works on real-time garbage collector began with Baker [12], and his approach has been the basis for most of the later work.
To some degree, the garbage collector runs under control of the application.
Furthermore, some officials have long expressed concerns that garbage collector areas could create an environment conducive for the more deadly H5N1 bird flu virus, now endemic in Egyptian poultry, to mutate or jump species.
"I hate them, I consider myself a garbage collector," Pilgrim says about the items the museum displays, "but it's still important to know about the Jim Crow period.
Chofu police said the cash, packed inside a bag, was found by a city garbage collector in a residential area in Kikunodai in the morning of Aug.
A garbage collector must coexist with an unbounded number of concurrent transactions running in parallel and must not adversely impact their ability to execute.
Called JENE (a name uncomfortably close to Sun's own JINI), the software includes an embedded Java virtual machine, and Insignia claims it is the first to make Java "viable for embedded systems for the first time." EVM includes such technologies as a concurrent garbage collector and an adaptive optimizing dynamic compiler, resulting, says Insignia, in a Java virtual machine with small memory footprint, fast execution and predictable behavior.
The Supreme Court of North Carolina approved of that tactic because the trash was collected from the curtilage by the regular garbage collector, in the usual manner, on the scheduled collection day.(51)
A garbage collector who won a pounds 6 million lottery jackpot plans to keep working for two and a half years ...
With the average wage of a garbage collector currently between E[pounds] 200 and E[pounds]400 per month-[pounds]40 to [pounds]75 sterling- many have shied away from taking up a loan, for fear of getting into debt.
An ex-convict as well, Troy is now a garbage collector. He is married to Rose and is the father of teenaged Cory.