Gambling Addiction

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A disorder of impulse control in which a person makes wagers of various types—in casinos, at horse races, to book-makers—which compromises, disrupts, or damages personal, family, or vocational pursuits
Management Gamblers’ Anonymous, a 12-step program modeled after Alcoholics’ Anonymous; no phramacologic intervention has proven successful
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He told the defendant: "You developed a gambling addiction and you fed that by stealing from your employers."
On Facebook, our readers expressed their sympathies with Ryan's family: Jenni Stewart said: "It must be so hard to overcome a gambling addiction because everywhere you turn the temptation is there.
Although gaining prominence in the media, gambling addictions are still very misunderstood.
Train staff to identify gambling addiction. There is a significant shortage of therapists who are qualified to assess and treat problem gambling.
According to the ( Associated Press , Sister Mary Anne Rapp, who has been a nun for almost 50 years, admitted to a five year stealing spree, in which she used took church money from two different rural parishes she worked for and used it to fund her gambling addiction.
Although the study included various levels of gambling addiction severity throughout treatment and follow-up, recovery patterns did not vary among the different groups.
Pursuant to Oregon Revised Statutes 461.549 and 409.435, approval of the lottery required setting aside 1 percent of the revenue for the treatment and prevention of gambling addiction. Managed through the Department of Health and Human Services, this tiny portion of the overall revenue has created one of the best gambling treatment and prevention programs in the country, providing treatment free of charge.
There are some whose concern is that having such a Las Vegas-style enterprise on our doorsteps increases the risk of gambling addiction.
A PROBLEM gambling charity yesterday urged betting and gaming websites to "take their responsibilities seriously" after a report from the British Medical Association suggested that funding to tackle gambling addiction should be increased from pounds 3 million to pounds 10 million.
A third of our referrals for counselling are related to gambling addiction. It affects families, children and even parents who may be bailing people out.
The Ontario Minister of Health claims that the province has invested more than any other world jurisdiction to address gambling addiction problems.
In April, shortly before Bennett's gambling addiction was made public knowledge, illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich proposed that the state government seize control of the state's casinos and riverboat gambling.